Indian Printer Automates and Sees Return on Investment in Less Than Eight Months

Posted: May 12, 2014

Gopsons Papers Ltd based at Noida (outside New Delhi) has a long history in the book publishing industry. They have continued to grow and diversify into high security labels, scratch off lottery tickets and coupons. In these fiercely competitive times, the company knew they needed to minimize their costs to maximize their margins, so they made the decision to add a Martin Automatic butt splicer to their newest press, a 12-color Mark Andy 4150.Gopsons saw a return on their investment in less than a year.

Gaurav Goel, Director of Production for Gopsons is a satisfied Martin customer. He says, "By adding the MBS splicer to a 12 color machine we have been able to achieve its real worth. Now we can run all of our, 'roll to sheet' and 'roll to fanfold' jobs - continuously without any breaks." He further adds, "Believe me; with the kind of products we print, we are able to achieve the return on investment in less than 8 months after installing the Martin equipment. In fact, we plan to place orders for a couple of more MBS butt splicers soon for our other web presses".

Started in 1950, the company has now expanded to 4 locations across India and has over 600 employees. ISO 9000:2001 certified, Gopsons takes pride in having the most modern prepress, post-press and finishing facilities from suppliers around the world. When they made the decision to automate, Gaurav Goel, Director of Production, knew just who to call based on Martin Automatic's reputation. Not only had he heard of them in India, but he had also seen numerous installations with Martin equipment around the United States.

Gopsons run a lot of heavy weight paper (200 gsm) and consequently they had to change reels every hour, which resulted in machine stoppages and wastage. Ever since they added the automatic butt splicer and automated, production has gone up nearly 22% and their waste is down to 7.8% from 12%.

The sale of this equipment was handled by Weldon Celloplast Limited, New Delhi. Pawandeep Sahni Director Weldon says the MBS supplied has helped get more production from same equipment reducing downtime and wastages. Gopsons is customer who operates to economies of scale and this equipment has helped them in their endeavor to achieve continuous production.