Not Just Bookends

Posted: September 06, 2005

OK, you've tried everything to optimize your printing operations. You've read the latest books. You've attended seminars. You've gone to conferences. You've upgraded your printing and converting equipment. You've embraced the "lean" philosophy, and made every effort to make your printing operation more efficient and profitable. But, if you haven’t considered automatic roll changing at your unwind and rewind, you may have overlooked the most important productivity contribution to your bottom line.

Our customers tell us that, as promised, Martin Automatic splicing unwinds and rewinds provide waste reduction and higher daily throughput. And they are pleasantly surprised to learn that their results actually exceed Martin's estimates. Additionally, through superior automatic tension control and precision web handling, Martin Automatic systems enable tighter registration and improved quality consistency. The press operator does not need to slow the press and watch for end-of-roll changes. As one customer put it, "It’s like running an endless roll!" With Martin Automatic automated splicing, the operator can run the press at higher speeds with greater confidence.

The benefits of non-stop productivity can be applied to any job requiring one or more roll changes. These benefits add up to significantly increased productivity and greater quality control. Unwind and rewind systems are more than just bookends to your press—they are key ingredients in establishing sustainable profitability.

A 10" flexo press can lose $70,000 or more per year in wasted materials and downtime. Depending upon substrate costs and web widths, your losses could be in the six-figure range! But, don't take our word for it, visit and see actual ROIs that validate these losses. This isn't just theory. We've applied these ROI's to real-world situations, and we have the customer commentary to back up the numbers.

When considering the upgrade to non-stop productivity, be sure to consider production flexibility. Almost any automated system can perform well under a narrow range of applications, but what about the future? Package printing is a dynamic process with new capabilities being added every year. It makes good sense to select an automated system that is designed to be flexible.

Martin's design flexibility allows you to add capabilities not only at time of purchase but well into the future. Starting with an extensive needs analysis, Martin's web handling experts will identify your current needs and help you anticipate future needs. This unprecedented configuration flexibility significantly extends your equipment’s effective service life to provide a much greater return on your initial investment.

Elegant engineering and versatility are hallmarks of Martin Automatic products. As a result, Martin products deliver greater reliability with lower maintenance costs. Only Martin combines superior automatic tension control and web handling systems with this versatile approach to configuration flexibility.When you're ready to upgrade to non-stop productivity consider your choices from a long-term perspective. Compare the performance, reliability, adaptability, and the overall cost of ownership, and you will discover the best value in the industry—Martin Automatic.