Insight 2008 International Conference

Posted: September 16, 2008

Mike Jelinsky, sales engineer and nonwovens specialist at Martin Automatic, will present an important paper at the 30th annual Insight International Conference. Jelinsky's presentation, Why3K?--Speed Barriers Shattered!, addresses the topic of web handling at relentlessly-increasing process speeds.

"Nonwoven material structures and equipment are continually challenged to do more with less," says Jelinsky. "Successful processes overcome these challenges by running faster, more reliably and with reduced waste. Earlier this decade, speeds of 2000 feet per minute seemed improbable; there are processes today that run that fast. Now, a top end speed of 3000 feet per minute is the new benchmark."

This paper will cover the challenges encountered when running revised web structures at higher speed, and it will highlight new commercial technology available to address these challenges. The Insight conference will be held October 12-16, 2008, in St. Louis, MO, USA. For more information, visit