John Martin, Web-Handling Pioneer

Posted: February 28, 2011

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John Martin

John R. Martin, a pioneer in the development of web-handling and automatic roll-changing technology, died February 27, 2011, after a brief battle with thyroid cancer. An entrepreneur known for his sense of humor as well as his engineering, John—who founded Martin Automatic Inc in 1968—was 74.

John understood intuitively that people appreciate that infrequent ability to trust another person, to take someone at their word, to feel that they have been listened to and heard, even if not agreed with.

John was a rare individual: a talented engineer with a great business sense and the foresight to set up a culture, which fosters creativity in all areas. He decried 'me too' products in favor of solutions that give real, long-term value to printers and converters. His legacy continues with Martin Automatic's innovative work in splicing, rewinding and web handling systems.

John's great wisdom and foresight allows us to remain "business as usual" at Martin Automatic.