Martin's New MDR Technology Meets The Need For Speed

Posted: March 21, 2007

(ROCKFORD, IL) - Martin Automatic Inc introduces the MDR (magnetic driven roller) system, an advanced solution for handling light webs at lower tension levels and higher operating speeds. The new MDR technology can be applied to both web transport systems and to Martin's line of high-performance unwinds.

"The continued emphasis in converting and printing today is to increase throughput by increasing process speeds," says Mike O'Hea, product manager for the MDR project. "At the same time, material basis weights and calipers continue to decrease. These lighter material structures can only run successfully at lower web tension levels, restricting the ability to reach higher speeds."

O'Hea continues, "Martin manufactures zero-speed splicers for nonwovens and other extensible webs. For good reasons, zero-speed splicing of nonwovens (using a storage festoon or accumulator to pay out web while the splice is made) is the preferred and often necessary method of automatic roll changing. But these opposing trends of lower tensions and higher speeds present real challenges for splicing and web handling. MDR is an effective new tool to overcome these challenges."

MDR (patent pending) applies a magnetic link between web transport rollers and drive system. This substantially reduces or eliminates the negative impacts on a web resulting from roller inertia, bearing friction, speed change, and boundary layer air. The result is a system that operates at significantly higher speed and lower web tension. And MDR technology enables equipment to retain a smaller physical size than equipment without this technology.

"Martin has matched process speeds of up to 2000 fpm/610 mpm with our light web zero-speed splicers. MDR will enable splicing speeds well beyond this level, helping our customers improve their productivity." O'Hea concludes, "MDR technology enhances the exceptional value that Martin zero-speed splicing brings to the nonwovens industry. "

See a high-speed demonstration of Martin's MDR technology running a lightweight nonwoven web at the IDEA07 show in Miami Beach, April 24-26. Visit booth 2212.