Martin Automatic Boosts Label Productivity on Gallus Line

Posted: January 23, 2007

To improve productivity and profitability on one of its Gallus EM 340 flexo label lines, Spain's leading label converter, Sinel Systems, has placed an order with Martin Automatic for an MBS automatic butt splicer and STR automatic turret rewind.

The Martin equipment, which will be installed in June 2007, is designed to run pressure sensitive label stock and transparent non extensible BOPP and PE filmic substrates. The Martin MBS system unit includes an inertia compensated festoon, a patented splice to make non overlapping butt splices, and two cantilevered unwind positions with Martin’s lift and load roll loading system. All controls for these components are mounted within the equipment, allowing automatic unwinding, splicing, and tension control.

At the delivery, the STR turret rewind is specified to operate at speeds up to 100 m/min. The system consists of an inertia compensated festoon, a web guide and a two position cantilevered rewind in a space saving turret design.