Why Compromise When You Can Optimize With a Martin?

Posted: July 25, 2006

When you purchase a new printing press or converting equipment you go to great lengths to determine and anticipate future needs—you want to make the most of a major investment. Selecting the correct automatic splicing and roll change equipment is no less important to production optimization. The right investment in automatic roll changing technology pays back in reduced waste, reduced down time, greater throughput, and improved product quality—all critical issues for profitability.

Martin equipment is widely considered the benchmark of excellence and performance in the package printing and converting industry. The key to that performance is optimization. When you meet with a Martin representative, you will discuss a number of in-depth questions to help define your present requirements and anticipate your future roll changing and web handling needs. Then Martin engineers and technicians recommend an optimized solution tailored to your specific application needs.

The ability to optimize for specific needs is unique to Martin and is at the very core of Martin's engineering philosophy—create a flexible platform where capabilities can be integrated as needed. This design focus and Martin's acclaimed reliability eliminates the need for compromise due to "off-the-shelf" roll changing limitations. As a result you enjoy a greater return on your total equipment investment.

Optimization also extends to web handling. Martin's exclusive inertia compensation technology absorbs tension disturbances, including disturbances associated with out-of-round rolls and changes in web speed. Tension remains stable from roll to roll, resulting in quality production through all phases of a job.

Martin optimizes your usable substrate on each roll. The Waste Reduction System, for example, accurately monitors and minimizes the amount of substrate left on the core. As a result you get more salable product out of every roll of substrate.

For over 35 years, Martin has provided innovative solutions for the industry’s most ambitious and demanding web handling challenges. Every Martin solution is founded on solid engineering and an understanding of your business and your unique challenges. It is fortified with experience gained from thousands of installations worldwide. Martin solutions deliver ultra-high performance, process stability, and the peace of mind that only a true industry leader can provide. Why compromise when you can optimize with a Martin?