Flexible Food Packaging expands line to include Martin Automatic splicer

Posted: July 01, 2007

(ROCKFORD, IL) – Flexible Food Packaging (FFP) Sdn. Bhd. has installed a new non-stop bag converting line complete with a Martin Automatic butt splicing unwind. The new H.G. Weber line, installed at FFP's factory in Selangor, Malaysia, is designed to serve their customers in the fast food industry.

FFP converts materials that wrinkle easily, requiring very low running tension from the unwind. Martin worked closely with H.G. Weber and supplied a specially engineered MBS butt splicer to meet FFP’s requirements and fulfill their productivity demands.

According to Hope Hu, Sales Manager/Asia Pacific for Martin Automatic Inc, the installation marks the second such project between H.G. Weber and Martin Automatic. "Martin supplied an MBS butt splicer on a similar process in South Korea. That installation was very successful, so H.G. Weber decided to replicate it in Malaysia."

Jessica Su, General Manager of Asia Pacific/H.G. Weber, adds, "We look to partner with manufacturers whose machinery works without complications and who provide good follow-up service. Our customers are happy with our choice of Martin Automatic splicers."